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Shad S. McIntosh 

Junction, Tx


Pastor, Evangelist, Outreach Director, Preaching, SoulWinning

Licensed with UPC 




A238SM is a non-profit ministry

Apostolic in doctrine and operating in the Holy Ghost boldness, Christian liberty, kindness and servitude. We believe in the Acts 2:38 salvation plan, baptism in Jesus name for remission of sins, the necessity of the infilling of the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in tongues as the spirit gives utterance. We believe in One God and His name is Jesus. We believe in a holy and separated lifestyle and supporting the kingdom in your finances and faithful attendance


What We Do: Soulwinning/Outreach clinics, evangelism, preaching, music and choir clinics, Interpretive Sign Team clinics, web site building and administrative services.


Leeann McIntosh 

Bastrop, Tx


Music Director, Keyboardist, Singer, Interpretive Sign Director, SoulWinner, Bible Study Teacher




Contact Us to Schedule Outreach/Revival Services: 512-581-8759

Click here for availability

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